Trade to Earn

Trade to Earn

Users will be given REAL tokens as a reward when they trade their NFT collections in REALY eco-system.

Play to Earn

Play to Earn

Users will receive REAL tokens according to their gaming time and contributions to the REALY eco-system.



Users can stake their REAL tokens to different marketplaces, brands or creators to gain a commission of their NFTs trading.



REALY APP which based on BSC will be launched as a marketplace for limited NFT collections like art toys, streetwear, etc. Mechanisms of trade-to-earn and staking will be started.

Mars Space Station APP will be officially launched, limited collections primary market will be opened.


REALY eco-system APPs based on Solana will be launched, trading cost will be decreased.

SHINE APP will be launched as a marketplace of limited collections as sneakers and streetwear. Cactus Jack, Revenge will put their limited productions on sale, and the mechanisms of trade-to-earn and staking will be started.


Macott Station APP which holds many art toy IPs like Doraemon, Ultraman, will be launched, and open its primary market.


The Metaverse project of REALY eco-system will be launched, virtual NFTs like games, brands, music, arts will be put on sale; play-to-earn mechanism will be started.